Architecture 101

Repairing the World

I’ll start with Robert Pirsig’s “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” , particularly his writing on the idea of “quality”. “God” is in the details. A sense of immense care with how things go together is a key element, but this basic idea of quality extends to concepts and philosophy as well as the detailing of interior and/or exterior elements.

All great art has ideas and concepts. All great art has a story to tell. Ultimately we are story tellers.

The more the architect is aware of the fact that his design should tell an integrative story of its place in the world, in its specific culture, and in the universe, the more powerful its message.

All architecture and all art should seek to “repair the world”. On the spectrum this refers to our existential crisis (what came before the big bang etc.) as well as knowing that all art and architecture is political.

If you think architecture is not political you are, in effect, a neo-conservative and political. It’s a circular argument. So….strive to create an architecture that contributes less to climate change, that can perhaps teach about simplicity.

Great architecture should have principals and integrity, even in the face of a political system that would appear to lack that integrity.

Great architecture should be honest.

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