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In architecture, we are concerned with all the definitions of “transaction” above. I am also interested in the way Transactionalism ties to “translation” in architecture.

What is a "Mentor"?

Mentor is defined as “an experienced and trusted advisor” (Oxford English Dictionary). For this essay I will further clarify that one need not have ever met their “mentor”. It widens the spectrum dramatically.

Mimetic Architecture

The Russian painter and sculptor Kazimir Malevich may be one of the first artist philosophers to contemplate a “cleansed” architectural palette.

Architecture 101

I’ll start with Robert Pirsig’s “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” , particularly his writing on the idea of “quality”. “God” is in the details.


Students should revisit older work from the semester and or fully complete the work below. Note that the deliverables have points attached per importance for the semester final.

ARCH 102 Architecture Design Studio II (3) – January -May 2018

A second design studio course in a sequence that expands upon fundamental architectural principles and concepts within Architecture and Design

Sample Plan and Elevation Sketches

Often, students find the development of plans and elevations from the morphogenic evolution of natural phenomena/metaphors daunting.

November 17 2016 Presentation

November 17th there will be a presentation focusing on plans elevations and sections as follows.

Bio-Mimesis and Repairing the World

Why is an architectural, (indeed, a cultural philosophy), that seeks to directly emulate nature through abstraction and tessellation so essential for our time?

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