San Francisco Based Watercolorist

All paintings for sale from the artist, or by commission.

Interested in a Custom Painting for your Zoom Background, Home, Business or Retail Space?

Dave Kesler is a craftsman and architect who is trained in creating art, not only from his imagination, but also in collaboration with his clients. He would welcome creating original art for you that can help transform your home and/or working environment. Consider working with Dave as a way to tailor art to your personal environment.

David Kesler’s Abstract paintings are fully transformable to carpets, fabrics, men’s and women’s clothing, lighting designs, bed linens and other home decor.

Dave is happy to discuss all of these in a Zoom or phone call. Or use the linked form below:

Fill out this Initial Commission Application to get started

Dave offers custom watercolor paintings in large sizes (minimum 24″ x 36″) framed or unframed. I can also complete acrylic paintings on Canvas for you starting at 24″X36″.

What’s included?

Materials include watercolor paper or heavy duty cotton canvas and all painting supplies. If purchasing un-stretched canvas painting, you will be responsible for bringing to your local frame store for stretching and mounting on wooden frame.

What’s the cost?

Typically $2/square inch, depending on design and material requirements.
Shipping is usually included, but will discuss any additional handling costs for oversize items.

Is there a minimum?

Yes, $1,750 for original artwork

$450 for Giclee (a fine art signed print on heavy weight watercolor paper)

How does it work?

  1. Submit an initial Commission Application or request a Zoom call via email or phone at 510 710 7910.
  2. After initial discussion, receive a summary of our talk or your initial application and an invoice for 50% of the purchase price.
  3. Choose a color palette and design from paintings on this website or email JPEG or PDF of your choice of color. We can also prepare a color pallet for you and send you a JPEG or PDF for go-ahead approval.
  4. At 33% completion we will send you a photo. We can discuss some small adjustments at this time. If there is more than one stage of adjustments, you will be notified of additional costs.
  5. Upon completion, you will receive a final photo with the invoice for the balance.
  6. Your artwork SHIPS!

RETURNS/REFUNDS: There are no refunds or returns on custom made art

TIME: 2-4 weeks for completion.

To schedule your commission, let’s get started talking. Get started here >>>

Always FREE Ground Shipping on orders over $150 in the Continental U.S.A.

David Kesler is a Multi-Disciplinary Architectural Firm in San Francisco

David Kesler is a multi-disciplinary firm specializing in architectural services for residential, commercial, and institutional clients.