Bio-Mimesis and Repairing the World

Why is an architectural, (indeed, a cultural philosophy), that seeks to directly emulate nature through abstraction and tessellation so essential for our time? How is this philosophy an extension and evolution of art and science?

We seek to become one (again) with the universe. In the full flush of technological achievement we have suffered great and quickly from the divorce of humanity from her environment.

Eventually Architecture is seeking to become living organism – but an organism that improves and enriches its environment. There is no end to the power of our built world in doing this. It is absolutely a prime and avant-garde direction for the profession as a whole.

The methodology takes cues from its immediate site but always from nature as a whole. This fundamental shift “removes” the ego of the individual designer and replaces it with system and permutation and tessellation . The control of the system can be “post-digital” in that there is not, necessarily , a single algorithm that answers the morphogenic transformation of form and program. Multiple algorithms can be utilized in terms of second and third “skins” and circulatory systems and even natural phenomenological metaphor/transformations.

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