Window on Futures Past

Windows start for most folks as openings in a structure.

Yet the origin of a “window” has more to do with the space in between. There is a crack in everything. From this sliver of space, we see new horizons. Indeed, the window can be space between structure. Between the interstices of structure.

So a window is best, arguably, under erasure. The not-window.

And, of course, what we see through the window and how we see through the window create a poetry of experience.

This involves opacity and color. How and why do we tint the glazing. How transparent or translucent is the glass?

What is the shape of the glass?

Must a window have glass?

If what a window wants to be is the space in between structure, then, perhaps, structure is everything. Perhaps the modulation of structure is everything. The syncopation of the absolute. Light pursues the space where mass is not, or no longer.

And what of the diffusion of daylight? How can we conceive of sun shading as layers of the skin of a building to allow for the modifying of light before it enters a building?

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