Dave Kesler – Education – 2016

The primary education goal is to convey that architect’s should make every effort to “repair the world”. My primary teaching methodology is based on the utilization of a full spectrum of natural phenomenon as metaphor to help drive and inspire creative architectural solutions and program “replacement”.

I am interested in a morphogenic architecture that abstracts nature, sets up a system that adapts to site and program, and thereby puts the user in touch with the natural world through architecture.

Architecture remains a block that distances us from ourselves, each other, and the natural world. How can we as architects change the system through our work, to put people more in touch with nature and with each other?

This blog is for my students to use for the semester to post work for the current class and brief explanations of the work. I will also be posting examples of work and course syllabi as well as programming information for the class.

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David Kesler is a Multi-Disciplinary Architectural Firm in San Francisco

David Kesler is a multi-disciplinary firm specializing in architectural services for residential, commercial, and institutional clients.